Jay Jay Pistolet – Bottom Of The Sea chords

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* means strum once

D BmYou found me yet alive at the bottom of the sea
G AAtlantic Ocean headed north at 95 degrees
D BmYou threw me a rope and we were rocked by a swell
G AI warned you it was coming & I think it's just as well
G A D G DCos I don’t wanna drown before my feet even touch the ground
D BmThank you very much
G A And even know I never said as such
D BmI was grateful I was glad
G ABut you played God in all the chances that I had
Well my heart was now restrung with strings, Just six of them in all & we played all six together in a sold out city hall You fed me fat with lies about the people that were there Oh you could talk up all most anything, you talked me up for air I might as well go drift in the north Atlantic sea
G A D G DThere's not a shark with teeth as sharp that could ever bother me
CHORUS: So I said let us break our bloody bond It just went on and on and on You turned a funny shade of bitter my old pal Perhaps you should employ some rationale BRIDGE: D, Bm, G, A (x2) CHORUS: Oh won’t you die a horrid death In pain and nothing less I hope you perish at the bottom of the sea And that your partner never comes anywhere near me
G* A* D G DCos I could never love you two again
G* A* D G DYou were pretty ghastly choices for my friends
G AI know you are what you are
D BmI hear you're both driving pretty nice cars
G A D I'd like to tell you that your boy's got his sight firmly set on the stars
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