Are You With Me tab with lyrics by Jaya The Cat - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jaya The Cat – Are You With Me tab

Jaya The Cat – Are You With Me?

Intro + Verse|--5--5--|B|--6--5--|G|--7—-5--|D|--7--7--|A|--5--7--|E|--5--5--| Dm Am
Refreine|---------|B|---------|G|--7—-----|D|--7-10-7-|A|--5-10-7-|E|----8--5-| D5 C5 A5
Breake|----|B|----|G|--7-|D|--7-|A|--5-|E|----| A5
Outroe|--------|B|--------|G|--—--7--|D|--7--7--|A|--7--5--|E|--5-----| A5 D5
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