Jayesslee - Unashamed chords

Jayesslee cover song
Original: Starfield

Key: E


A2 B2 C#m2I have not much to offer you
A2 B2 C#m2Not near what you deserve
A2 B2 C#m2But still I come because your cross
A2 B2 EHas placed in me my worth
A2 B2 C#m2Oh Christ my king of sympathy
A2 B2 C#m2Who's wounds secure at peace
A2 B2 C#m2Your grace extends to call me friend
A2 B2 EYour mercy sets me free
A2 B2And I know I'm weak
C#m2 I know I'm unworthy
A2 B2 C#m2To call upon your name
A2 B2But because of grace
C#m2 Because of your mercy
A2 B2 EI stand here unashamed
III. I can't explain this kind of love I'm humbled and amazed That you come down from heaven's heights And greet me face to face (repeat chorus twice)
A2 B2 C#m2I stand here unashamed
A2 B2 EI stand here unashamed
OUTRO: E-Esus-E-Esus-E This my first tab here, not quite accurate i guess, but i think it sounds good..;-) just to do this with their version..do check them out..God Bless you!..keith_grian@yahoo.com check out their youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Jayesslee
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