Jayhawks – Save It For A Rainy Day chords

Include the non-capo version in brackets ( from Letterman Show)

Save it for a Rainy Day - Jay hawks (Capo on 4th fret)

B (G) Cm (Am) Pretty little hairdo, don't do what it used to
E (C) B(G) Can't disguise the living, all the miles that you've been through
Looking like a train wreck, wearing too much make-up The burden that you carry is more than one soul could ever bear Chorus
Cm (Am) E (C)(So sad) Don't look so sad Marina
B(G) F# (D)There's another part to play
Cm (Am) E (C) (So sad) Don't look so sad Marina
G#m (Em) C# (A) E (C) B (G) Save it for a rainy day, Save it for a rainy day
You never make your mind up, driving with your eyes shut Rough around the edges won’t someone come and take you home Waiting for a breakthrough, what will you set your mind to We stood outside the Chinese restaurant in the rain Chorus Harmonica Solo (Verse Chords) Guitar Solo (Verse chords played throughout) Chorus End with
E(C) F#(D) B(G) TwiceSave it for a Rainy Day
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