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Jayhawks – Over My Shoulder tab

Fill 1

Intro F#m B Verse 1 E C#m E Left running you said you were flying E C#m E Left running you said you were cold F#m C#m Any statute you can name F#m B Like the ones that I fell for Chorus E A I've been looking over my shoulder E A Would you love me then your older E A F#m Would you love me then your older B (Fill 1) >Still I know your true Verse 2 E C#m E The first game is lost any well(??) E C#m E Another game is hiding your fear F#m C#m Oh please tell me how my heart F#m B (Fill 1) How can my heart belong to you Repeat Chorus Bridge C#m F#m Every time that you look my way C#m F#m B I feel so hopeless you're thinking of me Verse 3 E C#m E This landslide and buildings too high E C#m E If ?? some for everyone F#m C#m Though the law is everywhere (??) F#m B (Fill 1) And it lives without a care Repeat Chorus Twice Repeat 1st half of Verse 1
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