Jayhawks – Clouds tab

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From: acm3@ns1.CC.Lehigh.EDU (ANDREW C. MOWRER)


Intro: Em  Bm  Am  repeated
G                             C
God of the rich man ain't the God of the poor.
G                       C                       D
God's men and the state hospitals closed, and don't you know
C          C                  G
Winos and office girls in the park.
 G                   C
One of you longed to walk beside her,
 G                    C                        D
One of you longed to live beside her, it was morning,
C                            G
Better roads with light on them.

C                  G            C                G
Can your diamonds talk to you, can you see them shine.
C                  G           F                   G
Keep them hiding in your room, can they guide you in your time.

Verse 2
Windows were broken by the dear one's hand,
Gates left swinging by your dear one's hand, an old book salesman
asked if he could step in.
The sidewalks you slept on held no rest.  You gave away the money you'd saved
in your trust, you're sorry now.  Life hits you funny at a time.

Bridge:  (Sung over intro chords)
The sidewalks, you slept on, they're so broken.
I'll meet you there.

Verse 3
Years before the tears would start to roll, You walked outside, ran back in
your room, what did you hope for, I turned the corner while you slept.
God of the rich man ain't the God of the poor.  God's men and the state
hsopitals closed, and don't you know,  Winos and office girls ion the park.


The walk up lick is played on the D string, it's chromatic starting with the
open D.  During the verse hammer on the D on the B string when playing the C
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