Jb Lenoir – Slow Down chords

Artist: J.B. Lenoir (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._B._Lenoir)
Song: Slow Down
Tabber: Andrew Biles

This is a really stripped down way to play the song.  If you've played a bit of blues 
the chord variations (e.g. 0,2,x,x,x,x to 0,4,x,x,x,x) and licks should be relatively easy 
to hear fill in.

Standard tuning - Capo 5

(chords indicate shape - E and A are open, without capo they would be A and D respectively)

ESlow down
BSlow down
E ALet me step on board
EI just wanna ride your train
Bjust before I gone
EYou about the sweetest
Blittle girl
E AI believe I ever seen
Eand if I had you by my side
Byou would mean so much to me
EI'm a stranger
BI'm a stranger
E Aand I will not be here long
Eif you just let me ride your train
BI don't think it will be not long
Eslow down
Bslow down
E Aplease ma'm let me step on board
Ejust let me ride your train
Bjust before I gone
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