Jc Brooks And The Uptown Sound - River chords

This is the song "River" by JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound

Song tabbed by Johnny Cosmic

A C#I wake up early, but I just barely got to bed
D B7I don't make no money, I do favors instead
A C#Now it's not a warning, but stay outta my way
D B7See if I were to love you, You'd be gone in a day
A D F#m7 E D The river is varied (3xs) It goes from high to low
F#m7 E AIt goes from high to low
A C#I asked a question, I said am I alone
D B7If a house remains vacant, can you call it a home?
A C#And I wont make no promise, but it's been coming on for years and years
D B7If I can't have you, I will drown in a river of my own tears
(Chorus) (Bridge)
F#mAnd when you feel you wanna die, the world is rushing by
DYou're low, You're high, you gotta hold on
F#mNo matter what they say, you gotta find a way to make it thru the day
DYou hold on
F COh when your heart is lost and can't be found, you find a way to hold on
F G G#You just, you grab on to whatever happens to be around yeah, and you hold on
A# DI wake up early, I can't sleep the night through
D# C7I get soo high, .. so low.. the one constant is you, yeah yeah yeah
A# D# Gm7 F D# The river is varied (3xs) It goes from high to low
Gm7 F A#It goes from high to low
CHORDS [verse] A C# D B7
[chorus] A A# D D# F#m7 Gm7 E F
[bridge] F#m D F C G G#
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