Jed Madela – To Love Again chords

Title:          To Love Again
Artist:         Jed Madela
Album:          Songs Rediscovered 2

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F Bb Am-Dm-Gm-CRadio's gine, It helps me forget for awhile
F Bb Am I look back and recall, Those days I had wth you
D7 Gm C Am Sometimes I need a friend, Just to make it through
D7 Bb F-BbAnother day without you
F Bb Am-Dm-Gm-CYou gave me all the reasons to live
F Bb AmThen you had to go, And I just got to let you know
D7 Gm C Am Its hard to love again, Just to make it through
D7 Gm Bb C D Another day spent without you
G A F#mAnd I don't want to go on pretending
Em A7 BThat is going to be a happy ending
Em A7 D-CIf I should love again, Once I've learned to love again
G A F#mAnd no, it will never be the same, Without you baby
B7This pain inside me is driving me crazy
A7 D-G-C Cause its hard to love again...
F Bb Am-Dm-Gm-CFriends are great, they cheer me up for sometime
F BbWhen the day is done,, My mind is back again with you
D7 GmOh God, I need a friend
C AmJust to make it through
D7 Gm Bb C DAnother day spent without you
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