Jedi Mind Tricks – Untitled tab

     UNTITLED - Jedi Mind Tricks
Tabbed by: Krätoz

Tuning: e-B-G-D-A-E


***RIFF 1***

***RIFF 2*** A G#e|-----------------------------5--4--|B|-4--4-4--5-5/7---7-7--5-4-5--5--4--|G|-5--5-5--6-6/8---8-8--6-5-6--6--5--|D|-----------------------------7--6--|A|-----------------------------7--6--|E|-----------------------------5--4--|
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// INTRO: ***RIFF 1 - RIFF 2*** [Ikon the Verbal Hologram] ***RIFF 1*** the lawnmower man smashes, through ya skull with battle axes we whip asses, with the jaunty daggers and smash this, crushing opposition like we was fascist stigmata and four gashes ***RIFF 1*** we bashes, the faggots who can't attack it right take they sternum and then turn em into my acolytes that's the sight of blood, that make a child stop that's the rights of thugs that keep it wild hot ***RIFF 1*** I hate you, say a prayer to a heavenly father it's fatal, like a natal military armada we hotter, warriors from Atlantis couldn't overstand how raw the Hologram is ***RIFF 2*** the mantis, who used the flame rod you couldn't physically bruise the name God ***RIFF 1 - RIFF 2*** [Hook- Ikon x2] we smash mics, and blast too precise and laugh as we cast the first stones at Christ [Jus Allah] ***RIFF 1*** we born builders, as life takes it's toll legends of the seven, embrace my soul transported off the planet, by a supreme force and told to return on the day of Pentecost ***RIFF 1*** I bisect the ways between Heaven and Earth and scramble messages from God into your church deception, blinds your perception my reflection outshines the other colors in the spectrum ***RIFF 1*** the brethren, I cease the peace corps we follow street laws, engaged in Beast Wars the visionary bombs, with military arms aimed at that motherfucker with pitchfork and horns ***RIFF 1*** I sent alchemy throughout the galaxy to cause fire and ice, like Flames in Calgary you're trapped in, the core of corruption left a fossil, in my path of destruction ***RIFF 1*** *voice sample* ***RIFF 1*** [Hook- Ikon x2] we smash mics, and blast too precise and laugh as we cast the first stones at Christ ***RIFF 1*** [Ikon] I am the man who lives above the force of good and evil [Jus Allah] the man that handed down the powers to give to my people [Ikon] live under laws of bald eagle [Jus Allah] there's no tomorrow [Ikon] get trapped with the trenchcoat killers in Colorado ***RIFF 1*** [Jus Allah] blazin spark, feeling certain my days are marked live a life that conflicts with the ways I'm taught [Ikon] fuck it, we bring it hardcore, raw and ragged ya team must be hidin they balls, like a faggot ***RIFF 1*** [Jus Allah] I came with the light and gave sight to the sages black ink contained to write truth on white pages [Ikon] you're sliced faceless [Jus Allah] subjected to a massacre [Ikon] Jedi Mind, bombin your moves like John Africa ***RIFF 2*** [Jus Allah] we laugh at ya [Ikon] the devil is the bomber [Jus Allah] we unaffected as we protected by God's armor ***RIFF 1*** [Hook- Ikon x2] we smash mics, and blast too precise and laugh as we cast the first stones at Christ ***RIFF 1*** x4 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THANKS :D
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