Jeff Beck - Hi Ho Silver Lining chords

Intro A

AYou're everywhere and nowhere baby,
GThat's where your at
C GGoing down a bumpy hillside,
D AIn your hippy hat
DFlying across the country,
GAnd getting fat
C GSaying everything is groovy,
D A A7When your tyre's all flat
D And it's Hi Ho Silver Lining,
G A GAnywhere you go now baby (2nd chorus 'well baby')
D I see your sun is shining,
G ABut I won't make a fuss,
G DThough it's obvious
DFlattering your beach suit baby,
GThey're waving at me
C GAnything you want is your's now,
D AOnly nothing's for free
DLife's gonna get you some day,
GJust wait and see
C GSo open up your beach umbrella,
D A A7While your watching TV
Chorus Guitar Solo over verse Chorus x 2
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