Jeff Healey – Confidence Man tab

Band: Woodbox Gang (
Album: Wormwood

A great band from southern Illinois playing Trashcan Americana

Verse 1   
              G                 Am              D                G
Got a pretty smile, I can smile too.   Smile so big my head’s in two.
               Am                D               G                Am
You wanna be friends, you can be mine. Keep you happy in the sunshine.
         D                       G             Am                      D
Take my hand, it’s warm you can tell. Feel my heart, it’s hotter than hell
           G                        Am               D                       G   
I’ve been there and I can take you too, I can make all your bad dreams come true.

(Slide Licks in G)

D Em C (5 times) end on D

I like small towns and the people there. Easier money than welfare.
What does it take to get a handout? A sucker to trust you without a doubt.
But they need me and I need them, we’re all red-blooded working men.
Good or bad, where do I stand? Between the devil and a dollar is a confidence man.

                   D                      Em             C              D  
It’s a confidence game, I’m a confidence man. Sure as I win, sure as I stand.
                Em             C                     D                    Em
Tell you what I am, honest I ain’t. Stab you in the back, smiling like a saint.
            C                   D                         Em               C
Confidence man in a confidence game, I’ll leave you with nothing but your shame.
           D                         Em                C                D
Your mama warned about a confidence game, she’s been taken in just the same – by a 
            D      Em     C    D
confidence man.


When the market dies like it always does everybody’s pockets are lighter than they was.
Evrybody’s mad everybody’s pissed They can’t believe that they were taken by a scam like this
Still they can’t even understand, how they got swindled by an ordinary man
They pay the price, that’s why I came, to make ‘em all losers in a confidence game.



D  Em  C (5 Times) end on D

The guitar solo is done on a dobro/resonator guitar, tuned to open G.
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