Jeff Johnson – He Rose chords

(Intro  E  A  E  A)

E AA prophecy foretold
E AA King born unto man
E AA love the world had never known
C#m B ABut He was crucified
F#m ABut on the third day, He rose again
F#m A BThat’s when the meaning of my life began
E BHe rose, Jesus He rose
AMy life’s been forgiven
BThis world holds no power
E BHe rose, Jesus He rose
AMy life’s been redeemed
BThis prisoner’s set free
C#m B EDeath where’s your sting? He rose
E ADeath made into life
E AI have been made new
E AI’m no longer bound by sin or shame
C#m B AIt was crucified with you
C#m BScorned and broken He was nailed to a tree
A A B C#mCrushed to bring God glory, and set the sinner free
C#m BDeath was beaten, Satan seized of all his power
A F#m BHallelujah, Jesus won the victory
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