Jeff Wayne – Brave New World chords


 Brave New World - Jeff Wayne's the War Of The Worlds

Key: Eb Major

This is What i could make out from ear

Intro/Main Riff

Eb /// Ebm ~~~ DDU
Verse 1 (Take A Look Around You)
Eb Take A look around you
Abm6at the world we've come to know
EbDoes it seem to be much more
Abm6Than a Crazy Circus Show?
Eb Gm/D CmBut Maybe From the madness
Abm6Something Beautiful will grow
1st Chorus (Distortion)
Eb Ebsus4 Eb Ebsus4 EbIn a Brave New World
Abm Absus4 Abm Absus4 AbmWith Just a Handful of man
Eb EbmWe'll Start, We'll start all over Again
Eb EbmAll Over Again (Repeat a few times)
Verse 2 (Same Struming as Intro but Fast and Energetic) Had trouble mathing it to the words :) Eb /// Ebsus4 / :|| Repeat for whole verse (Round about 35 or more Times) Thank you for reading this tab it was hard to figure out i'm not sure how to play the little Electric Riffs but when i can i will put it on a Tab, the Key is Eb
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