Jefferson Airplane – Law Man chords

D G DLaw man--I'm afraid you just walked in here at the wrong time
G my old man's gun has never been fired
D Am Cbut there's a first time & this could be
Dthis could be the first time
DLaw man
G you know you look to be a lot younger than me and
DI'd hate to shoot a baby
G you've got a long way to go before you're old & slow
Dand it could be
Am C Dit could be a good time if you change your mind
Gwell I'm tired and sweet from making love
Dand it's just too late
Cyou'll have to wait
Am G Dbring your business around here in the morning
Gwell I've heard your line
& you've heard mine
D C& I'm just too tired to take a side
Am G Dbring your business around here in the morning
Em F G AmDon't you want to be easy look there
F G Amlet some of the things you see go on by or
F G Amyou can burn them into your brain go on home
Em F G AmDon't you see the children, they're just like you
F G Amthey want everything to be fine but they let it slide
F G Am and the laughing lets you know that smiling breaks the rules
D G Oh, Law breaker you know it could be me
C D& if you had your way we'd all be down
G C Dunder the face of a clock that's just too old to be wound
Am C D & you can see now the old hands won't move around
Em Fone way or the other,
G C Dfool card brother this could be,
Am C Gthis could be, the first tiiiiiiiiiiime.
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