Doubletree chords with lyrics by Jeffrey Foucault - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jeffrey Foucault – Doubletree chords


EmThe snow falls on the passes
And it covers up the rails
D EmAnd the hired men ride up to make them clean
EmIt's a winter camp and a frozen damp
And a shovel in your hand
D EmAnd a coal train comes rumbling through the seam
Am That morning came up shining
GClear and sharp as broken glass
D EmWe were riding for the tracks at Sugaree
AmAll holler and high spirit
GAnd the devil take the last
D EmAnd Henry lay a wager then to me
Em He said "I've got five dollars
And a whiskey at the bar
D EmSays I make the tracks ahead of you"
EmSo we touched our horses up
Sent them running down the hill
D EmAnd I did something I never meant to do
Am Well I cut hard behind him
EmFrom his blind side I come around
D EmJust as we were going down the scree
Am EmI only meant to scare him but he tumbled to the ground
D EmAnd he broke his neck beneath the doubletree
G D EmSo you take him cut him out in a length of pine
G D Lay him out in a suit of clothes
G CBest that you can find
G D EmLay his body gentle in the ground
C DAnd say a prayer for Henry
G EmBefore you lay him down
Em The night before poor Henry died
We slept on open ground
D EmThe circus of the stars a blaze of white
Em Henry was the best friend that I ever had
G D EmAnd I slept still as a child that night
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