Jennifer Lopez - Aint It Funny tab

Tabbed by Caroline Rehel

Capo 3rd

Em           C           D                 G
It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me
Em        C                D          G
It's so ironic you're what I pictured you to be
Em            C           D             G
But there are facts in our lives we can never change
Em           C            D
Just tell me that you understand and feel the same

Em           C            D            G
This perfect romance that I've created in my mind
Em         C                   D                  G
I'd live a thousand lives each one with you right by my side
Em         C                   D                 G
But yet we find ourselves in a less than perfect circumstance
Em        C                D
And so it seems like we'll never have the chance

Sorry i'm not done, this is just the beginning...
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