Jennings Waylon – I Do Believe tab

I Do Believe
Steven Curtis Chapman
Album: Speechless
C1999 Sparrow Song/Peach Hill/BMI
Tabbed by Steve Cruickshank

This song is played in dropped-D and tuned down half a step, however
theres no reason why you cant play it in standard (it'll just sound
half a step higher than on the CD), but the riff pretty much requires
the low string to be dropped. All the chords written below are with
the tuning change as well.

Intro/main riff:

Part 1eb------------------------|Bb------------------------|Gb------------------------|Db------4------2------0---|Ab-3h4h5--0h2h3-0h1h2-0---|Db------------------------|
Part 2eb--------------------------|Bb--------------------------|Gb--------------------------|Db------2-------0-------0---|Ab-0h2h3--0h1h2---0-----0---|Db------------------2b3-0---|
C Sitting in a traffic jam 11:52pm G/B Riff 1 and 2 Just a few miles south of Carolina Ohio C I take my pen and start to write the thoughts that fill my head tonight G/B Nothing terribly profound, just these simple words Bb C that keep my heart anchored down, that keep my restless heart anchored down Chorus: D C G/B Riff 2 I do, I do, I do, I do believe D F Bb C I know, I know, I know, I know it's true, yeah D C G/B C I do, I do, I do, I do believe Bb C D Riff 1 and 2 Lord I believe in you Bridge: Bb C Bb C ...Lord I believe in you, and if this faith in you is blind D Riff 2 It's not to anything that's true Bb C Cause your love opens up my eyes F G/B Riff 1 To see that everything I need is found when I believe in you Chorus Ending: Bb C F G/B F G/B I believe, I believe, yes I believe in you
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