Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat tab

	     RABBIT FUR COAT - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Tabbed by: ilene 

Tuning: Standard

Chords: C, Am, D G


C Am C Am C G C e|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----1-1-------------1-1-------------1-1------------1-1---1--------------|G|----0-0-----2-2-----0-0-----2-2-----0-0------------0-0---0--------------|D|------------2-2-------------2-2--------------------------2--------------|A|--3-------0-------3-------0-------3--------0--2--3-------3--------------|E|-----------------------------------------3------------------------------|
C Am C Am C Am D e|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----1-1----------------1-1----------------------1--1---------------3-3--|G|----0-0-------2-2------0-0-----2-2--------------0--0---2----2------2-2--|D|--------------2-2--------------2-2---------------------2----2----0------|A|--3---------0--------3-------0----------3------------0------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| i was of poor folk, but my mother had a rabbit fur coat
G G G C C C e|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----0-0----------0---0------0---0------------------1---1-------1-1------|G|----0-0----------0---0------0---0------------------0---0-------0-0------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--2-------------------------------------------3-----------3-------------|E|------------3------------3----------------------------------------------|
and a girl of less character pushed her down the LA river
C G C Am C Ame|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------1----1------------------1-1------------1-1-----------------------|G|-------0----0------------------0-0---2-2------0-0-----2-2---------------|D|-------------------------------------2-2--------------2-2---------------|A|-----3-------------0---2---3--------0--------3------0-------------------|E|-----------------3------------------------------------------------------|
"hand o ver that rabbit fur coat"... [[repeat the same thing for the rest of the verses]] <> C Am C Am I was of poor folk, C Am D G but my mother had a rabbit fur coat. G G C C And a girl of less character pushed her down the LA river. C G C Am C Am "Hand over that rabbit fur coat" C Am C Am She put a knife to her throat C Am D G 'Hand over that rabbit fur coat' G G C C When my ma refused, the girl kicked dirt on her blouse. C G C Am C Am "Stay away from my mansion house." C Am C Am My mother really suffered for that. C Am D G Spent her life in a gold plated body cast. G G C C Now, you ask, did she get that girl back? C G C Am C Am She payed a visit to that mansion house. C Am C Am She knew the girl was not there, C Am D G but her father was in cufflinks with slicked-back black hair G G C G He invited her in. They never sang a note, C G C Am C Am but she took off that rabbit fur coat. C Am C Am And who do you think came home? C Am D G Miss So and So G G C C She took one look at my mama and what did she say? C G C "Why are you stealing from my mansion house?" C Am C Am "No, I'm in love with Mr. So and So C Am D G He invited me in. I'm a girl no more." G G C C Then she dragged my ma out by her throat. C G C Am C Am "Hand over that rabbit fur coat." C Am C Am Let's move ahead twenty years, shall we? C Am D G She was waitressing on welfare. We were living in the Valley. G G C C A lady says to my ma "you treat your girl as your spouse. C G C You can live in a mansion house." C Am C Am And so we did, C Am D G and I became a hundred-thousand-dollar kid. G G C (strum once (pause) When I was old enough to realize; wiped the dust from my mother's eyes... C G C Am C Am It's all this for that rabbit fur coat. C Am C Am But I'm not bitter about it C Am D G I've packed up my things and let them have at it, G G C C and the fortune faded, as fortunes often do, C G C Am C Am and so did that mansion house. C Am C Am Where my ma is now, I don't know. C Am D G She was living in her car. I was living on the road, G G C C and I hear she's putting that stuff up her nose, C G C Am C Am and still wearing that rabbit fur coat. C Am C Am But mostly I'm a hypocrite C Am D G I sing songs about the defecit, G G but when I sell out and leave Omaha, C C (strum, pause) what will I get? C G C C a mansion house and a rabbit fur coat. :D The End. this song is amazing. ===============================================================================
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