Jeremy Enigk – Ballroom Dancing tab

INTRO:E--3-- E--3--|A--3-- play 5 times A--3--| play twice *strings one at a timeD--0-- (*play stings one at a time)D--0--|G--0-- G--0--|B--x-- B--1--|e--x-- e--X--|
VERSE:E--0----0----0---- E--3----x--|A--2----0----3---- A--2----3--|D--2----2----2---- *play 3 times D--0----2--| *play twiceG--0----2----0---- G--0----0--|B--0----0-h2-3---- B--3----3--|e--0----0----0---- e--3----0--|
BRIDGE:E--x----x-----|A--0----3-----|D--0----2-----| *play 5 timesG--2----0-----|B--3----1-----|e--2----0-----|
after playing the bridge, play the verse then the intro end on E--x-- A--3-- D--2-- G--0-- B--3-- e--0-- thats all there is to it, but make sure you listen to the track so that you can figure picking/strumming patterns. Enjoy!
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