Have It All tab with lyrics by Jeremy Kay - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jeremy Kay – Have It All tab

Song- Have it all
Artist- Jeremy Kay
Album- [Scrubs] Soundtrack
Tuning- EADGBe

Hey, You've probably heard this on the scrubs Soundtrack (Awesome tv show) and
So heres the tab. Pretty sure its 100%. The struming for the end of the verse, chorus and
bridge isnt written but its really easy to figure it out.
Have fun and play it on acoustic
This is all my own work so any comments please send to


4h6h4- Pick the 4 and press down on the 6 and then let go to get the sound of the 4 again
7/- Slide down from 7, Easy to hear

The second time of the verse, play this instead of the slidee---B---G-4-D-4-A-2-E---
Choruse-0--- ---|B-0--- ---|G-1-4- ---|D-2-4- x3 -4-|A-2-2- -4-|E-0--- -2-|
Verse- In this verse when he says "and play what I wanna play", It sounds like B-5-5/7-7/
Bridge- This is the backing as I couldn't figure out the leade----- ---|B----- ---|G---4- ---|D-6-4- x3 -4-|A-6-2- -4-|E-4--- -2-|
There is it, Have fun Cheers David
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