Jeremy Loops – Power chords

Great song, brilliant artist.

The song is played with a capo, but sounds exactly the same when playing the 
following without the capo. Any comments and suggestions are welcome

A D A DSeeing what my eyes can't see
A D A DAnd being what I wanna be
A D A DAnd I'll dooooo what I wanna do
A D'Cause it's you, it's you
A DYou come and help me brake through
A D ACause you got power oooohhh oooohhh
D A DYou're living in you're emotions aaah aaah
*Song continues exactly the same until bridge*
Bm DWell my head, and my soul
A BmHard fought till the day I go
DBut you know that I know
A BmThat you wanna but you still won't go
DAnd here's you, fly through
A Bm EIt's been longer than you care to knoooowwww
A D ASince you've been so llooonnee ooohhh ooohhh
*And so on... If it doesn't sound right, make sure your strumming keeps changing correctly and that you play at the right interval. Enjoy!!
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