Jerks – Rage chords

Intro: Em-C-G-D

Verse: Em-C-G-DChildren begging at the streets at night
Knocking on cars till the morning light People standing in line for a kilo of rice Welcome to the dark ages, the era of lies Interlude:Em-C-G-D
Verse:Em-C-G-DDreams of progress, of visions gone mad
Mendiola's still drenched with innocent blood Demolition men rumbles through smokey mountain homes Darkness indeed, justice dressed in gloom
G-D-Em-CBut I'll go not gently into the night
Rage against the dying of the light Sing a song about this terrible sight Rage until the lightning strikes
G-D-Em-CGo not gently, go not gently, go not gently
And rage with me
Verse: Em-C-G-DAnd the names and faces of the tyrants change
But poverty, pain and murder remains And the voices of truth are locked up in chains Darkness remains, freedom in flames
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