Jermaine Jackson – When The Rain Begins To Fall tab

When  the rain begins to fall

     Am         C                              Dm                        E                       Am ~

1. Like the sand that sifts right through your fingers so can all your days.

    Am           C                     Dm                        E

    As those days go by you have me there to help you find

           Cm                            Fm                   G

    the way I feel with you I know it's gonna last forever.

Am                      Dm                  G                       E                    Am

     And when the rain begins to fall, you are my rainbow in the sky,

               Dm                     G                     E                       Am

and I will catch you if you fall, you never have to ask me why.

                       Dm                  G                    E                       Am

And when the rain begins to fall, I?ll be the sunshine in your life,

                       Dm                   G                   E                 Am      ~ ~

you know that we can have it all and everything will be alright.

     Am            C                        Dm                    E                       Am  ~

2. Time goes by so fast you've got to have a dream to just hold on.

     Am         C                       Dm                  E

     All my dreams of love began with the reality of

     Cm                            Fm                          G

    you and I believe that all the dreams will last forever.


        Dm           G               - E                   Am

    Though the sun behind       we still can see

        Dm             G                           E    - Am

    the light that shines for you and me.

              F                 G                    Am    - G

     We'll be together all that we can be.            + CHORUS  (2x)

(capo 3rd)
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