Jerrod Niemann – One More Drinkin Song chords

Capo 2

(G-Am-G-D) (G-Am-G)

(G) Today I wanted (C) to write a tune
(D) Started strummin' this (G) little grove
I could've wrote about love (C) or money
(D) Something sad or something funny

(G) But hey, hey, hey what's so (Am) wrong
(G) With one more (Am) drinkin' (D) song
Hold (G) up your cups and sing (Am) along
(G) To one more (D) drinkin' song (G)

(G) And if by chance (C) this brings you cheer
(D) Maybe someday you'll bring (G) me a beer
Or not to mention (C) my favorite drink
A (D) marga-daiquiri-screw-alota-on-the-beach


(G-Am-G-D) (G-Am-G)

(G) So here's to cheap whiskey (C) and fine wine
(D) Buyin' shots and (G) pick up lines
And here's to bartenders (C) tryin' to get paid
(D) When all of us are tryin' to get

Chorus x2
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