Jerry Jeff Walker – Navajo Rug chords

Capo 2 (or wherever suits your singing voice)

GWell its two eggs up on whiskey toast
Amss Homefries on the side
C-iWash it down with a road house coffee
DMan it burns up your insides
GIt was a Canyon Colorado diner
Amss and a waitress I did love||
C-ishe sat beside me 'neath an old stuffed bear
Dand a warn out navajo rug
D G Em Well, Aye aye aye, Katy
C-i DShades of red and blue
G EmWell, Aye aye aye, Katy
C-i D GWhatever became of your navajo rug and you
Ol' Jack the boss he leaves about six and it's Katy bar the door she'd pull down that navajo rug and spread it across that floor Well I saw lightning across the sacred mountains the wooing of a turtle dove lying next to Katy on that old navajo rug Chorus I saw ol' Jack about a year ago he said the place burned to the ground and as for my Katy dear she done gone and left town Oh but Katy got her souvenir he spit out a Red Man plug You should have seen her runnin' through the smoke she was draggin' that navajo rug Chorus So every time a cross the Sacred Mountains and lightning breaks above it takes me back to a simpler time with my long lost Katy love Yea but everything keeps on moving seems like the whole worlds on the go you don't find things that last anymore like a hand woven navajo Chorus x2
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