Jerry Jeff Walker – Getting By chords

                       Gettin' By
                  Capo 2nd Fret To Play Along With cd

G Am7 C D GHi Buckaroos Scamp walker time again I'm trin' to slide one by you once more
G Am7 DDon't matter how you do it just do it like you know it I've been down that road
G C D Gonce or twice before CHORUS Just gettin by on gettin by's my stock in trade ss
C G C D G C D||Livin' it day to day pickin up the peices where ever they fall just lettin' it roll-i
Em C G D Glettin' the high times carry the low I'm livin' my life easy come easy go
2 Last week I was thinkin' its record time again And I could see mike makin' those faces Ah Mike don't you worry something's bound to come out Besides I've been down this road once before REPEAT CHORUS 3 Instr: REPEAT CHORUS 4 Income tax is overdue and I think she is too Been busted and I'll probally get busted some more But I'll catch it all later Can't let 'em stop me now I've been down this road once or twice before REPEAT CHORUS
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