Jessa Anderson – Fireflies chords

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Jessa Anderson

[Verse 1]
Am C/E FYou illuminate the open air
Am C/E FI am silently catching every glimmer I can
Am C/E FCause I know that when the lightning hits
Am C/E FI'll be standing here breathless in the wake of each glimpse
F Gyour beauty radiates, it's filling the sky
CYou're breaking through the darkness//I'm like a child
GStanding in amazement//here in the night
Am FYou shine//Brighter than fireflies
CCaught up in the mystery//i can't deny
GEverything around me//Reflects your light
Am FYou shine//Brighter than fireflies
[Verse 2] I'm surrounded by your brilliant glow And I marvel in wonder at the sight I behold I am running with an empty jar Want to capture it all, I'm chasing after Your heart Your love is infinite, it's filling the sky Bridge:
Dm Am GNow that I've seen who you are//You're all that I want//I can't turn away
Dm FNow that I've seen who you are
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