Jesse Watson - Chicken Lights And Chrome tab


Tabbed by: iambosh

Tuning: Drop D

Riff 1e|------------------------------|B|-1h3----1---------------------|G|-----2-----2---0--------------|D|-------------------3---0------|A|------------------------------|D|------------------------------|
Riff 2e|----------------------------------|B|-3s5-3s5-3-1-3--------------------|G|---------------2---0h2---0--------|D|-----------------------3---0 0----|A|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------|
D5 G5
e|--x------| e|---x-----|B|--2------| b|---0-----|G|--3------| G|---0-----|D|--0------| D|---5-----|A|--0------| A|---5-----|D|--0------| D|---5-----|
Verse 1 D5 she's a two stack mack with a bunk in the back G5 and she's chrome from head to toe D5 She's got a screamin cat that won't hold back A G5 F5 so hammer down boys, let her go D she's a lady of the night with her chicken lights G guess there's a couple hundred or so D I get lost in the lights and the way she whines A G5 D5 with that xm radio Verse 2 (same as verse 1) Hey mister dj play me a song one about truckin all night long I got a girl, she's waitin at home for me this old rig, she sure is fast spinin those signs as she roll past a long haul trucker is all I'll ever be(D) chorus D chicken lights and chrome E5 F5 well I'm headed home G5 C G5 you can see us comin home from a million miles away D5 she lights up the sky E5 F5 like the 4th of july D5 A G5 truckers favorite song is alabama's roll on and chicken lights and chrome D5 F5 G5 Form: Intro: Riff 1, Riff 2, Riff 1 (over D5, G5 x2) Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Solo (over same chords as chorus) Chorus There you guys go.I'm friends with the band and they are some great guys! Enjoy! Keep truckin'!
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