Jesse Watson - Chicken Lights And Chrome chords version 1

D and A

verse 1
(D)she's a two stack mack with a bunk in the back

(A)and she's chrome from head to toe

(D)She's got a screamin cat that won't hold back

(A)so hammer down boys, let her go

(D)she's a lady of the night with her chicken lights

(A)guess there's a couple hundred or so

(D)I get lost in the lights and the way she whines

(A)with that xm radio(D)

verse 2
(D)Hey mister dj play me a song

(A)one about truckin all night long

(D)I got a girl, she's waitin at home for me

(A)this old rig, she sure is fast

(D)spinin those signs as she roll past

(A)a long haul trucker is all I'll ever be(D)

(D)chicken lights and chrome

(A)well I'm headed home

you can see us comin home from a mil(C)lion miles (G)away

(D)she lights up the sky 

(A)like the 4th of july

truckers favorite song is alabama's roll on(C) and (G)chicken lights and chrome
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