Jessica Andrews – Summer Girl chords

Capo on 1st



GI drive an Army Jeep
DMy bumper sticker reads
Em'Drink 'til he's cute'
CThat's what I'm gonna do
GAin't got no serious thing
DDon't wear a diamond ring
EmI got a new tattoo
CI think you'll like the view
AmAnd in my mind
CThe sun shines
GAll the time
G('Cause) I'm just a summer girl
DI wear my flip flops
EmWhen I let my hair down
C(That's when the party starts)(The party never stops)
GWho needs a boyfriend
DI got my girl friends
EmWhen we get together
CThe summer never ends
G D Em CYeah yeah, oh oh oh
GTanks tops and cutoff jeans
DBikinis and belly rings
EmWe'll make that scene
CWhen the DJ plays 'Dancin' Queen'
GFellas, lay your money down
DWe'll let'ya buy a round
EmDon't push your luck
CDon't get more than your hopes up
AmIn my world
CDay or night
GRain or shine
(Repeat Chorus) Rap:
GEverybody needs a little bit of sunshine
DEverybody needs time to unwind
EmEverybody's got to have a good time
C(I'm just a summer girl)
GEverybody get up on your feet
DEverybody got to shake your body
EmEverybody got a right to be free
C(I'm just a summer girl)
G D (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Em C(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Rap)
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