Jessica Folcker – How Will I Know chords

Standard Tuning Guitar no capo

Intro F C Bb F
F C Bb I don´t know how or where to start
DM C FHere we´re standing again
F C BbAnd I see now from where we are
Dm C BbThat our road has come to an end
C FThough we've come this far
Bb I don´t know why
C FBut I still can´t see who you are
F CI don´t want you to cry
BbDon´t want us to say goodbye
DM C FBut I know that we´re falling apart
F CI don´t need your lies
BbAnd if you don´t sympathize
Dm C F Tell me how will I know who you are
Now you can figure out the rest yourself ! It´s too late but now we´ve gone this far To see what´s here within Though we said that we´d never part Baby I've been trying too hard To believe in love I don´t know why But I still can´t see who you are Chorus: Don´t worry I promise it´s for the better So I think we should let it go now And maybe we'll find love again
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