Jessica Riddle – Even Angels Fall tab

Jessica Riddle - Key of a minor - Even angels fall
From 10 things i hate about you

I absolutly adore this song, but there is no where that has the chords!!
So i decided to figure them out... they go well with the song and i hope
everyone enjoys playing it as much as i do.
This is an emotional song which i love and this is my first tab hehe. enjoy.

intro - F C G C

Verse 1
F	  C     G	   C
You found hope, you found faith
F	  C     G	   F
Found how fast she could take it away
F	  C     G	    C
Found true love lost your heart
F         C     G	   F
Now you don't know who you are
F	  C     G	   C
She made it easy made it free
F	  C     G	   C
Made you hurt till you couldn't see
F	       C     G	          C
Sometimes it stops some times it flows
F	  C     G	  C
Baby that is how love goes

C	  G	Am	   F
You will fly and you will crawl
C    G		Am	F
God knows even angels fall
C	  G	   Am		F
No such thing as you lost it all
C    G		F
God knows even angels fall

Verse 2
F	     C     G	       C
And it's a secret that no one tells
F	      C     G	         C
One day it's heaven one day it's hell
F	       C     G	        C
It's no fairy tale take it from me
F	     C     G	        C
That's the way it's supposed to be


Dm   C		G    Am		Dm
You laugh you cry no one knows why
     C		G
But oh - the thrill of it all
Dm	C	G
You're on the ride
     Am	      Dm    C	     G
You might as well open your eyes

then repeat the last line and strum down on last chords

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