Jesus Christ Superstar – Heaven On Their Minds tab

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E-----------------------------------------------IB-----------------------------------------------|G-----7-8-5-7-----7-8-5-7----7-8-5-7----7-8-5-7-|D-0-0---------0-0--------0-0---------0-0--------|A-----------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------lThe bass keeps stumming this the whole song
Dm F G My mind is clearer now at last all too well F G Dm I can see where we all soon will be Dm F G If you strip away the myth from the man F G Dm You will see where we all soon will be Dm Em Jesus! You've started to believe the things they say of you F G Dm You really do believe this talk of God is true Dm Em And all the good you've done will soon be swept away F G Dm You've begun to matter more than the things you say Dm F Listen Jesus I don't like what I see Dm G All I ask is that you listen to me Bb C F A And remember I've been your right hand man all along Dm Bb You have set them all on fire F They think they've found the new Messiah D/A A Bb Dm7 And they'll hurt you when they find they're wrong Dm F I remember when this whole thing began Dm G No talk of God then, we called you a man Bb C F A And believe me my admiration for you hasn't died Dm Bb But every word you say today F Gets twisted 'round some other way D/A A Bb Dm7 And they'll hurt you if they think you've lied Bb F Gm Dm Nazareth's most famous son should have stayed a great unknown Gm Dm/A A Dm Like his father carving wood He'd have made good Bb F Gm Dm Tables, chairs and oaken chests would have suited Jesus best Gm Dm/A A Dm He'd have caused nobody harm No one alarm Dm F Listen Jesus, do you care for your race? Dm G Don't you see we must keep in our place? Bb C F A We are occupied have you forgotten how put down we are? Dm Bb I am frightened by the crowd F For we are getting much too loud Dm/A A Bb Dm7 And they'll crush us if we go too far If we go too far Dm F Listen Jesus to the warning I give Dm G Please remember that I want us to live Bb C F A But it's sad to see our chances weakening with ev'ry hour Dm Bb All your followers are blind F Too much heaven on their minds Dm/A A Bb It was beautiful, but now it's sour Dm Bbmaj7 Dm Yes it's all gone sour Ah --- ah ah ah --- ah
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