Jesus Culture – Obsession chords ver. 2

By Jesus Culture

GREAT SONG! I absolutely love to lead this song! More great current worship songs to come! (Im 16!)

Regular tuning, (EADGBe)

Bm A G EmWhat can I do with my obsession?
Bm A G EmWith the things I cannot see
Bm A G EmIs there madness in my being?
Bm A G EmIs the wind that blows the trees?
Bm A G EmSometimes you’re further than the moon
Bm A G EmSometimes your closer then my skin
Bm A G EmAnd you surround me like a winter fog
Bm A G EmYou come and burn me with a kiss
G A DAnd my heart burns for you
G A DAnd my heart burns for you
(V2) And I’m so filthy with my sin I carry pride like a disease You know I’m stubborn God and I’m long to be close You burn me deeper then I know And I feel lonely without hope I feel distant without vision You wrap around me like a winter coat You come and free me like a bird
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