Jesus Culture – See His Love chords

See His Love
Tom Lockley
Em  C  D  B7

Verse 1:
Em DSee His love nailed onto a cross
C D Perfect and blameless life given as sacrifice
Em DSee Him there all in the name of love
C DBroken yet glorious, all for the sake of us
Em CThis is Jesus in His glory
D B7King of Heaven dying for me
Em CIt is finished, He has done it
D B7 EmDeath is beaten, Heaven beckons me
Verse 2:
Em DGreater love now one could ever show
C D Mercy so undeserved, freedom I should not know
Em DAll my sin, all of my hidden shame
C DDied with Him on the cross, eternity won for us
Em D/F#Such love, such love
B7 CSuch love is this for me
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