Alleluia chords ver. 3 with lyrics by Jesus Culture - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jesus Culture – Alleluia chords ver. 3

I love this song so much! It seems like all the other chord charts for this song 
are wrong.  This is my first chord chart on here! Hope it works for you!



Verse 1:
D Father, we have come
Bm A GTo bow down in worship
D Lifting up our hearts
Bm A GWe bow down in praise
G D A Alleluia
G D A Lover of our souls
G D A Alleluia
Em D A With all of Heaven we are singing
Verse 2: Bright and morning star, Your eyes blaze like fire Shining like the sun, You're our one Desire Instrumental Break: G D A Bm A Bridge:
G D A Bm AAll the angels cry out, "Holy is the Lord"
G D A Bm AAll the earth replies, "Holy are You"
Chorus 2:
G D A Bm A A/F# Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Holy are You
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