Alleluia chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Jesus Culture - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jesus Culture – Alleluia chords ver. 2

Alleluia by Jesus Culture

Intro:F  Bb

F Bb Dm C BbFather we have come, to bow down in worship
F Bb Dm C BbLifting up our hearts, we bow down in praise
Chorus:Bb F C Bb F CA-llelu-ia, Lover of our souls
Bb F C Bb F CA-llelu-ia, With all of heaven we are singing
Verse 2:
F Bb Dm C BbBright and morning star, Your eyes blaze like fire
F Bb Dm C BbShining like the sun, You're our one desire
Repeat Chorus 2x Bridge:
Bb F C FAll the angels cry out, Holy is the Lord God
Bb F C FAll the earth replies, Holy are You
Bb CAlleluia, Holy are you
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