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From: (KARPIS)
Date: 10 Jul 1995 02:16:07 -0400

"Horse" as recorded by the Jesus Lizard from their ablum DOWN
words and music the Jesus Lizard 1994
1994 Touch and Go records.

transcription by Eddie Rivas

Here's another Jesus Lizard song, this one is even easier than Slaveship
and just as much fun to play.

chords you need to know:
    B5              A5               G5              E5      or     E5
(ii)      F#
EADGBe       EADGBe       EADGBe     EADGBe        EADGBe   EADGBe
x244xx        x022xx        355xxx      022xxx        x799xx    244322


Start with the chord progresion as shown:
B, A, G, E

Next comes the following: (sort of like the chords but only playing thefifth and adding "b"e-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G----4----4----4-----4--------|D---4----2--------------------|A-2----0-----5-----2----------|E------------3-----0----------|
Then comes: B B D B F# F# A F# BB D B F#F# A F#B B D Be--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-4-4---7--4------------2---------4-4---7--4---------2-------4-4--7--4-----|D-4-4---7--4----4--4---2--4------4-4---7--4---4-4--2--4----4-4--7--4-------|A-2-2---5--2----4--4---0--4------2-2---5--2---4-4--0--4----2-2--5--2-------|E-----------------2--2------2---------------------2-2-----2----------------|
After this we have : F# (x7) F# (x7)e-4-4-4-4-4--2--------4-4-4-4--2------------|B-4-4-4-4-4--2--------4-4-4-4--2------------|G-1-1-1-1-1--3--------1-1-1-1--3------------|D--------------4------------------4---------|A--------------4------------------4---------|E---------------2------------------2--------|
That's the whole song, as usual Duane using the simplest things and making them sound really cool. email me if you like this band :) "Just when you're about to learn how to smile again I'm going to be the one who teaches you how to cry" elegy, the Jesus Lizard
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