Jet – Sweet Young Thing tab

This the best I could make ou the guitar parts and lyrics

Cam Muncey plays the intro/Versee|--------|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|--------|-----------------------------------------------------------|G|--------|-----------------------------------------------------------|D|--------|----7-5h7p5-----------5h7----------------------------------| A|--------|---------------5h7-----------5s3---------------------------|E|-13s3--5|---------------------------------------5---3---5-----------|
Oh hey Sweet Young Thing That lives a block away Sweet sugar lips i like to kiss all day Well as i climb the stairs Up to the thirteenth floor Hey sweet Young Thing come on an open your door Chorus A5 Yea, I said open your door I said open your door G5 I said open your door Shes not there I said shes not there Repeat first Verse Chorus A5 Yea, I said open your door I said open your door G5 I said open your door Shes my chick Dance with some guy What about me YEA (Key change: A to B)
e|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------|D|----9-7h9p7-----------7h9----------------------------------| A|---------------7h9-----------7s5---------------------------|E|---------------------------------------7---5---7-----------|
Verse Hey Sweet Young Thing Said what you doin here Now whos that creep been touching your hair And as he holds you tight I have to shut my eyes (Hard to understand here) Your Sweet Young thing you done very wise(?) Chorus B5 I said you done very wise I said you done very wise I said you done very wise YEA YEA YEA YEAAAAAAAAA
The solo is really distorted and hard to make out.Nic plays somthing in the B petatonic scale Somthing along the lines of...e|--------7--7--------7--7---------7--7--------7--7---------7---------|B|--------7--7--------7--7---------7--7--------7--7---------7---------|G|----9b----------9b----------9b-----------9b----------9b-------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
and Cam does a variation of the verse riff. This is my first tab on UG. Hope it helps. you can email me at Thanks
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