Jethro Tull – Aqualong tab


(Nearly original version)

heavy metal intro:

8 8 8 8 4 4 4.8 2 P 8 4 2e:|-------------|-------------------------|-4-4--4-|-----6---6-------6---h:|-------------|-------------------------|-6-6--6-|-----8---8-------8---g:|-------------|-------------------------|-6-6--6-|-----8---8-------8---D:|-------------|-------------------------|-6-6--6-|-----8---8-------8---A:|-5---1-3-4-3-|-5--------1--3-4----3----|-4-4--6-|-----6---6-------6---E:|---3---------|-----3-------------------|--------|--------------------- Sit-ting on a park bench eye-ing lit-tle girls snot is runnig down his nose greassy fingers smearing Drying in the cold sun watching as the frilly Feeling like a dead duck spitting out pieces of
4. 8 4 8 8 8 8 4 2 8 8 8 8 8 4 8 8 4 2e:|------|-8----8--8---6--8-|--6-8--9--9-|-6-6-6-6-9--9-|-9--7-7-5-|---------h:|------|-10---10-10--8--10|--8-10-11-9-|-8-8-8-8-9--11|-11-9-7-7-|---------g:|------|-10---10-10--8--10|--8-10-11-10|-8-8-8-8-10-11|-11-9-8-7-|---------D:|------|-10---10-10--8--10|--8-10-11-11|-8-8-8-8-11-11|-11-9-9-7-|---------A:|------|-8----8--8---6--8-|--6-8--9--11|-6-6-6-6-11-9-|-9--7-9-5-|---------E:|------|------------------|----------9-|---------9----|------7---|--------- with bad in-tent shabby clothes Hey Aqualung panties run Hey Aqualung his broken luck Oh Aqualung
Acustic guitar (Capo at III) (just the Chords ... lift some of your fingers now and then and do some finger-picking to get the right I.A. sound) e- D A
Sun streaking cold an old man wandring lonely,a- e- D
taking time the only way he knows.e- D ALegs hurting bad as he bends to pick a dog end . a- e- DHe goes down to the bog and warms his feet.
e- D A
Feeling alone the army's up the road,a- e- D
salvation a la mode and a cup of tea.e- D A Aqualung my friend, don't you start away uneasy. a- e- F You poor old sod see it's only me.
(faster and heavier) e- D e- Do you still remember Decembers foggy freeze D when the ice that clings onto your beard e- was screaming agony? D e- And your ratling last breaths with deepseadiver sounds a- D and the flowers bloom like madness in the spring. (G-pentatonic guitar solo) ... reapeat something of the beginning (... please e-mail corrections) ====== (Jeremy Joseph) Aqualung (Jethro Tull) SUGGESTIONS Ok, well the beginning riff and rythm of Aqalung is fairly easy to figure out, and the acoustic part in the middle isn't really hard either, but the solo is a bit difficult, I got the first few bars down to what I think is right, but I'm going to post all of what I know, and since just about every guitarist in the world knows this song, I would appreciate it if you would post your versions of parts to the song if they are different than the ones here, especially the solo. So, this isn't really a request for the song I just want to know how other people play it.
Opening riff: "Sitting on the park bench..."e:-B:-G:-D:-A:--5--------3--4~--3--------E:-----3--6------------------
Verse rythm section: (play 3 string power chords) "Eyeing little girls with bad intent..." Db Db Db Eb Eb Eb F F F Eb F Eb F Gb Db "Hey, Aqalung" Eb Eb Eb Db Gb Gb E B D I'm pretty sure everyone can do without tab here Acoustic Part (Slow): "Sun streaking cold, an old man..." Gm Gm F F F F C C Cm Cm Gm Gm F F F F Here occasionally hammer the 2nd and 3rd frets on the G string while playing the F chords. Acoustic Part (Faster): "I still remember..." Gm F F F F Gm Gm Gm "Taking time the only time he knows..." Gm Gm F F F F Cm Cm Gm Gm F F F F And here is 1st part of the solo:
e:------------------------B:------------------------ <--- Real evil soundingG:----------------2-------D:-------------2------5~--A:---2---2h4--------------E:------------------------
Well that's all I can figure out, it does two more little riffs then gets extremely fast. Once, again please post your suggestions or comments about this. ====== Heres a correct version of Jethro Tull's Aqualung (When I got home and picked up the guitar, I relized I was way off on a few licks!) The intro goes like this:
The Acoustic part goes like this: Aqualung my friend Don't start away uneasy You poor old sod Gm F C Cm You know its only me Gm F Etc Etc. Gm F C Cm
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