Jewel – Ten chords

Capo 2

(E) Whoever said love is easyMust have never been in love
Sometimes it's a land mine One wrong step and it blows up
A (F#m) word, a lookLights a hidden fuse
It's (E) hard to see just what you haveWhen you're seeing red
And easy to do something that You know we'll both regret
Better (F#m) stop, thinkCount to ten before I leave
Chorus: (E) One, I still wanna hate you (F#m) Two, three, I still wanna leave
(E/G#) Four, searching for that (A) doorFive, then I look into your eyes
(E/B) Six, take a deep breathSeven, take a step back
(B) Eight, nine, I don't know why (C#m) We even (B) started this (A) fight By the time I get to (B) ten (A) I'm right back in your arms again (E)
(E) Words thrown so carelesslyLike weapons when we fight
But when they cut too deep I wanna leave it all behind
I have to (F#m) count to tenBefore I cross that line
Chorus (C#m) You can lose what you're not (A) thankful for (E) I don't want that to happen to you and (B) me Better count my (A) blessings (E) One, you still move me (F#m) Two, three, you send chills right through me
(E/G#) Four, you keep me wanting (A) moreFive, when I look into your eyes
(E/B) Six, you're my best friendSeven, that will never end
(B) Eight, nine, I don't know why (C#m) But thank God it (B) happens every (A) time By the time I get to (B) ten (A) By the time I get to (B) ten (A) I can see how blessed I've (E) been (F#m) I'd chose you all over again
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