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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 01:12:03 -0500
From: David Hempy 
Subject: TAB: j/jewel/  UPDATED

   Little Sister      By Jewel
                      From the "pieces of you" album 
                      Atlantic Records

Original poster:
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 11:11:20 +0000
From: Sam Hollis 

I've taken Sam's interpretation and made some minor changes
that made it easier for me to learn to sing and play Little Sister.  
I've added measures to the tab and broken the lyrics into measures.
Everything else is the same.  Oh, yeah... I changed 2p0 to 3p2 in 
the D it like you like!  Thank you Sam!

The whole song is the chords D D C G picked over and over:

Intro: D D E-|-----------2--------0h2--------3p2-----------|--------------B-|-----3--------3----------3----------3-----3--|-----3--------G-|--------2--------2----------2----------2-----|--------2-----D-|--0------------------------------------------|--0-----------A-|---------------------------------------------|--------------E-|---------------------------------------------|--------------
C E---2--------0h2--------3p2-----------|------------------------B------3----------3----------3-----3--|-----------0------------G---------2----------2----------2-----|-----0--------0---------D-------------------------------------|--------2--------2------A-------------------------------------|--3---------------------E-------------------------------------|------------------------
G E---0-----------------|-----------3--------3--------3----------B------------0--------|--------------3--------3--------3-------G------0--------0-----|-----0-----------0--------0--------0----D---------2--------2--|--------0-------------------------------A---------------------|----------------------------------------E---------------------|--3-------------------------------------
Continue picking throughout rest of tune. Jewel doesn't keep her lyrics lined up nicely with the measures (bless her soul!) so some of the breaks below might not be quite perfect. Have fun! D: Hey little sister I heard you went to Mr. D: So and So, knock, knock, knocking on C: his door again last night, said you G: needed it bad- you know that ain't right. D: 'Cause so many times you've come to D: me cry crying trying to stop, you said it C: hurts so bad but please don't let you G: go back for more. D: My little sister is a Zombie in a body with no D: soul a role she has learned to play in a C: world today where nothing else matters G: but it matters, we gotta start feeding our D: souls Not our addictions or afflictons of pain to D: avoid the same questions we must C: ask ourselves to get any answers. G: We gotta start feeding our D: souls have been lost to the millions with lots D: who feed on addictions selling pills and what's hot I C: wish I could save her from all their delusions, G: all the confusion D: of a nation that starves for salvation D: but clothing is the closest approximation to C: God and he only knows that drugs are G: all we know of love [Instrumental Verse] D: Every day we starve while we eat white D: bread and beer instead of a handshake or C: hug we spill the pills and sweep them G: under the rug D: My little sister is a Zombie in a body with D: no soul a role she has learned to play in a C: world today where nothing else matters G: but it matters we gotta start feeding our D: sooouuuls... D: C: G: D: Hey little sister i heard you went to Mr. D: So and So's knock, knock, knocking on his C: door again last night said you G: needed more. Sam Hollis David Hempy
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