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Jim Farrell – Sing A Joyful Song tab

Title: Sing A Joyful Song

Artist: Jim Farrell

Chords By: Valera, Charlie Edsel
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Intro: Em-C-Am-Dsus-D7

  G         D     C    D G     Em C D&
sing a joyful song to the  Lord! A-Le-Lu-ia
 Em    D       C     F
let the heavens and earth rejoice!
 G  Em     C   D7    G 
Alleluia!     Alleluia

     Em         D
the heavens proclaim his name
     Em         D
and earth i reply
 Em      Bm       C        Am  D D/C B/D D/A
echoes back with joyful songs of praise  (Refrain)

our God is a mighthy God! unequalled in pow'r
yet his gentle mercycovers the earth (Refrain)

Sing praise, O Jerusalem, sing praise to your king
he shall rule with justice age after age (Refrain)

sing praise to our God of gods
the ancient of days!
holy, holy, holy Lord of all (Refrain)
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