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Jim Glaser – Let Me Down Easy chords

Let Me Down Easy
Recorded by Jim Glaser in 1984, Man in the Mirror, and written by John Michael and Larry Lafferty
Great song and great CD if you can find it
Intro (No Capo to play with recording): finger pick off an A : A add D (B string) 
( or Dm) , A add B (G string)then E then strum E twice, repeat then strum a B chord instead of E
Verse One:
(A) We met as friends
(E) It was such an easy thing
(A) Love was farther 
Than a (E) pauper from his king
(E add Eb) But more (E add Db) and (E add F#) more we (A) came to know 
(E add Eb)Reaching, (E add Db) touch- (E add F#) ing, (A) holding on
(G#m) If its time for (F#m) letting go (B)Chorus:
Let me (E) down (A) Let me (E) down (A) (B) (E) Let me down easy Because you (G#m) know how Im gonna break (F#m) down (B)
(A) When you let me (E) down- ( ending) oh (E) (A)Repeat Intro
Verse 2: (A) It might be you are afraid Of (E) letting on (A) Of just what you (E) really feel (E) But more and more of (A) holding on (E) Can only hide what is (A) coming on
(G#m) If its time for (F#m) letting go (B)Repeat Chorus twice, fade to end
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