Jim Henson – Let Me Be Your Song chords

*This is my first set of chords - I saw a request for this song somewhere online, 
so I thought I'd work it out.  The timing is kind of tricky, but here it is. -Speidumb*

Let Me Be Your Song
Fraggle Rock (Cantus & the Minstrels)

Intro: Cm  Bb  Ab  G 

Cm Bb Music grows in the rows
Ab Rock and rain and the
G Blowin' snowstorm
Cm Bb Everything seems to sing
Ab G Cm Everywhere I go
Cm Bb Ab G I say 1, 2, play me do
Cm Bb Ab G Let me sound as sweet as you
Cm Play me wide
Bb Play me long
Cm Bb Cm Let me be your song
Play me down on the ground Song comes singing From the midnight places Raise me high in the sky Song comes drifting through Play me high, Play me low Play me where the Wild wind's blowing Play me wide, Play me long Play me for your song
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