Jim Reeves – Snowflake tab

(A) Snow was falling when (G) love came calling on this (A) lonely heart of (D) mine

You were (A) standing there with (E) snowflakes in your (A) hair

(A) You kept stalling when my (G) thoughts were calling on (A) every way I (D) knew

(A) For one excuse to (E) get acquainted with (A) you.

CH: (A7) Then I said (D) snowflake - my pretty little (A) snowflake

oh, oh the (E) change in the weather has made it better for (A) me

(A7) Hey, Hey, Hey (D) snowflake - my pretty little (A) snowflake

 You've got me (E) warm as a fire with a burning desire for (A) you.

V.2 Ê(A) The ice was breaking and (G) Love was waking in a (A) winter wonder (D) land

When I (A) felt you slip your (E) finger in my (A) hand

Now (A) snow is gleaming and (G) I'm not dreaming

(A) I know this is for (D) real, the (A) love I have is (E) too much to con-

(A) ceal.

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