Jim Reeves – I Wont Forget You tab

(Intro)  A  E  A  E7

  A         D         A
I know that I won't forget you
         E                          A        E7
For I've loved you too much for too long
           A             D               A
Though you don't want me now, I'll still love you
         E            E/B      A
'Til the breath in my body is gone

              E                         A
That's how it is with me ... and you'll always be
    B7        E      E/B     E/D
The only love I ever knew
     A           D            A
I'll forget many things in my lifetime
        E         E/B           A     
But my darling, I won't forget you

(Instr) E  E/B  A

(Repeat Verse 2)
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