Jim Stafford – Wildwood Weed chords


C G C e|-----------------------------------------------|B|---------1-------------------------------------|G|-------0---0h2-0---0---------0-----------------|D|-0h2-3-----------2---2h3-2-0---0h2---------0---|A|-----------------------------------0-3-0h2---3-|E|-----------------------------------------------|
C G C e|-----------------------------------------------|B|---------1-------------------------------------|G|-------0---0h2-0---0---------0-----------------|D|-0h2-3-----------2---2h3-2-0---0h2---------0---|A|-----------------------------------0-3-0h2---3-|E|-----------------------------------------------|The name of this song is the wild wood flower. Now the Wild Wood Flower is an old country classic
C F C G Ce|------1-11-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--1-3------3-1-------1-----1------------1------------------------------------------|G|-0-------------0-0h2---0h2---0--------0---0h2-0---0---------0----------------------|D|--------------------------------0h2-3-----------2---2h3-2-0---0h2---------0--------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------0-3-0h2---3--0-2-|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------3-----|Its gained a whole new popularity. The song isn’t any more popular, But the flower is doing real good.
C AmWildwood flower grew wild on the farm.
G CAnd we never knowed what it was called
C AmSome said it was a flower and some said it was a weed
G CI didn't give it much thought
C C7One day I was out there talkin' to my brother
F CAnd I reached down for a weed to chew on
C AmThings got fuzzy and things got blurry
G CAnd then ev'rything was gone
C G C e|-----------------------------------------------|B|---------1-------------------------------------|G|-------0---0h2-0---0---------0-----------------|D|-0h2-3-----------2---2h3-2-0---0h2---------0---|A|-----------------------------------0-3-0h2---3-|E|-----------------------------------------------|Didn't know what happened but I knew it beat the hell out of sniffing burlap
C AmI come to and my brother was there and he said,
G C"Boy, what's wrong with your eyes?"
C AmI said "I don't know, I was chewin' on a weed"
G CHe said, "Let me give it a try"
C C7We spent the rest of that day and most of that night
F CTryin’ to find my brother Bill
C AmCaught up with him about six o'clock the next mornin'
G CNaked, singing on the windmill
C G C e|-----------------------------------------------|B|---------1-------------------------------------|G|-------0---0h2-0---0---------0-----------------|D|-0h2-3-----------2---2h3-2-0---0h2---------0---|A|-----------------------------------0-3-0h2---3-|E|-----------------------------------------------|He said he flew up there. I had to fly up and get him down. He was about half crazy
C AmThe very next day we picked a bunch of them weeds
G CAnd put 'em in the sun to dry
C AmThen we mashed 'em up and we cleaned 'em off
G CAnd we put 'em in the corn cob pipe
C C7Smokin' them wildwood flowers got to be
F C A habit, We never seen no harm
C AmWe thought it was kind-a handy
G CTo take a trip and never leave the farm
C G C e|-----------------------------------------------|B|---------1-------------------------------------|G|-------0---0h2-0---0---------0-----------------|D|-0h2-3-----------2---2h3-2-0---0h2---------0---|A|-----------------------------------0-3-0h2---3-|E|-----------------------------------------------|Big 'ole puff of that wildwood weed next thing you know You're just wand'ring 'round behind the little animals
C AmAll good things got to come to an end
G CIt's the same with the wildwood weeds
C AmOne day this feller from Washington come by
G CAnd spied one and turned white as a sheet
C C7And they dug and they burned and they burned and they dug
F CAnd they killed all our cute little weeds
C AmThen then they drove away and we just smiled and waved
NC Sittin' thar on that sack o' seeds
C G C F G Ce|---------------------------------------------------------|B|---------1-----------------------------------------------|G|-------0---0h2-0---0---------0---------------------0-----|D|-0h2-3-----------2---2h3-2-0---0h2---------0---2-0-------|A|-----------------------------------0-3-0h2---3-------3---|E|---------------------------------------------------------| Y’all come back now, Y’hear
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