Jimi Hendrix - Like A Rolling Stone tab

Jimi Hendrix
Brian S.
\"Like a rolling stone\"

Everyone makes this mistake -- tune guitar down half a step

E|----------------------------------|----1/21-------------------------|B|----------------------------------|----1/21-------------------------|G|--5-------------------------------|--5-1/21-----------r-----55555-5-|D|--5------3-3----3/5--5--3333/5-5--|--5-1/21----3-3--5-e-5---55555-5-|A|--3------3-3----3/5--5--3333/5-5--|--3-1/21----3-3--5-s-5---30303-0-|E|---------1-1----1/3--3--1111/3-3--|----1/21----1-1--3-t-3-----------| ^
| unfortunately no one will ever be as good as Jimi... this is a guitar slide in which licks are done as he\'s sliding his finger.
5 (2x) F5 (2x) G5 (few times) -------------| F5 G5 F5 ---5-----------------------------| -7b-7b-7-5-----------------------| ---------------------------------| ---------------------------------| ---------------------------------|
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